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Title: Poverty, Income Distribution and Vulnerability: The Impact of Land Degradation and Tenure Security In Kenya
Themes Water, Forest, Agriculture
Methods Regression Analysis, Economic Modelling

General Information

The general aim of the proposed study is to analyze the impact of tenure security and land conservation strategies on household welfare, income distribution and vulnerability along the gender divide in Kenya. The study will address the following questions: what are the main land conservation strategies adopted by households in Kenya? What factors condition the link between environment and poverty? Which factors determine land conservation? What is the link between tenure security and land conservation? What factors determine poverty and vulnerability? Are there gender differentiated impacts of tenure security and environmental degradation on poverty and vulnerability? Impact on policy: The results of this study will fill an important gap in terms of information to feed into land use policy. Such a policy is important in providing incentives for land use practices that conserve natural resources. It will also help in policy targeting; by identifying the impact of different land conservation practices and tenure security on household well-being and vulnerability, it will help to identify policy actions that maximize household well-being through land conservation practices. It will also help to maximize returns to investment on land conservation. Dissemination: The project’s findings will be disseminated through national and international dissemination workshops. The national workshops will target policy makers from the Ministries of Environment and Natural Resources, Agriculture, Planning and National Development, the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) as well as local and international researchers and collaborators. Other participants will include the stakeholders from non-governmental organizations and farmers associations.

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Project: Kenya
Project Picture
Project: Kenya
Project Picture
Project: Kenya

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