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Poverty Reduction and Environmental Management

Too many people still associate environmentally sound development with the curtailment of economic opportunities and growth, rather than their expansion. The sustainable use of natural resources is typically seen as a cost rather than an investment. To overcome this misconception, a better understanding is required of the reciprocal links between poverty and the environment. The Poverty Reduction and Environmental Management (PREM) programme aims to deepen and broaden the exposure of economic researchers and policy advisors in developing countries to the theory and methods of natural resource management and environmental economics. It is envisaged that this will encourage effective policy change in developing countries with the joint goals of poverty reduction and sustainable environmental management.

This website provides information about all PREM projects, funding activities, research outcomes, ongoing activities and policy implications. All publications, working papers, press releases and policy briefs are available through the publications section.

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In cooperation with TNC, WWF and the Australian government, PREM releases Nature's Investment Bank, a film on Marine Protected Areas role in fighting poverty.
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PREM releases Nature's Wealth, five documentaries about Nature and Poverty.

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