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Niger, a lifeline

Author(s) Leo Zwarts, Pieter van Beukering, Bakary Kone, Eddy Wymenga
Date 2006-08-09
Theme(s) Water, Fisheries, Climate, Biodiversity, Agriculture
Method(s) Valuation and CBA, Spatial Analysis, Regression Analysis, Economic Modelling
Serie(s) Project Reports


Water, a source of life, forms a unique resource as well for several concurrent exploitations. Considering this, the complexity of basin management appears to be a challenge in view of which the soundness of decisions whether taken by administrators or communities involved constitutes the best guarantee for stability and harmonious development. The Niger River Basin covering practically all administrative and economical regions, represents for Mali what a vascular system means for the human body.

The aim of this study is to develop a decision-support system for effective river management in the Upper Niger, in which ecological and socio-economic impacts and benefits of dams and irrigation systems can be analysed in relation to different water management scenarios. Multidisciplinary in nature, this study draws on the fields of hydrology, ecology and environmental economics.

The whole book can be downloaded per chapter below:

0 - Cover

1 - Preface & Introduction

2 - Hydrology of the Upper Niger

3 - Flooding of the Inner Niger Delta

4 - People in the Inner Niger Delta

5 - Fisheries in the Inner Niger Delta

6 - Vegetation of the lower inundation zone of the Inner Niger Delta

7 - Livestock in the Inner Niger Delta

8 - Rice production in the Inner Niger Delta

9 - Ecological values of the Inner Niger Delta

10 - Sélingué reservoir

11 - The irrigation zone of the Office du Niger

12 - Ecological evaluation of dams and irrigation in the Upper Niger

13 - Economics analysis of dams and irrigation in the Upper Niger

14 - Summary and conclusions

15 - References & Appendices


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Full Document niger lifeline cover.pdf PDF Document Download

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