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CREED Paper #18:Environmental Product Measures: Barriers for South-North Trade

Author(s) Harmen Verbruggen
Co-Author(s) Onno Kuik, Martijn Bennis, Hans Hoogeveen, Roland Mollerus
Date 1998-03-01
Theme(s) None
Method(s) None
Serie(s) Creed Working Papers


An increasing volume of exports from the south is subject to environmental regulations in northern markets. The frequency of incidence of these measures, their coverage in value terms and their impacts on the market access for exporters from developing countries, are the subjects of this paper. In order to assess the extent and coverage of such environmental measures two indices are developed - the Frequency Index of Environmental Measures (FIEM) and the Coverage Index of Environmental Measures (CIEM) - and are applied to developing countries' exports to the EU market in 1992. In order to assess the impacts of environmental measures on the market access of products from developing countries, the results of a survey among Zimbabwean exporting firms are presented. It is concluded that FIEM and CIEM are potentially valuable monitoring tools and some recommendations for further work are proposed.


Type Name Format  
Abstract Creed Abstract 18.doc Word Document Download
Full Document creed18e.pdf PDF Document Download

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