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Title: Coral Reefs in Vietnam: Economic Value, Resource Dependency, Livelihoods and Coastal Poverty
Theme(s) Fisheries, Biodiversity
Method(s) Valuation and CBA, Regression Analysis, Policy Instruments, Economic Modelling


General Information

Vietnam has a large coastal population, which relies heavily on fisheries and other coastal resources. Around 64% of these coastal people live below the poverty line. Coral reefs, which are found along much of Vietnam's coastline, and which provide many functions, goods and services to coastal communities, are being degraded due to anthropogenic impacts, such as destructive fishing, coastal alteration, etc. This has been eroding the economic value of coral reefs, yet dependency on the reefs by the local poor remains large and pressures along the coastline are on the increase. To address these challenges, the proposed research project follows a three tiered approach: (i) the economic value of coral reefs in selected sites in Vietnam for the various stakeholders is assessed with the aid of primary data collection; (ii) the dependency of the local population on coral reefs in terms of livelihood is assessed and the relationship between reef dependency and poverty is analysed; and (iii) costs and benefits of destructive fishing and possibly other local threats as well as management options are investigated for the various stakeholders. The focus on an assessment per stakeholder and on reef dependency allows us to address management and policy issues better than a standard economic valuation and cost benefit analysis alone.

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Project: Vietnam
Project Picture
Project: Vietnam
Project Picture
Project: Vietnam

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