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South Africa

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Title: Poverty Reduction and Climate Change Policies in South Africa
Theme(s) Water, Policy and Trade
Method(s) Economic Modelling

General Information

This proposal explores ways of reducing poverty in South Africa while implementing policies that address water quantity and quality and climate change problems. Four key development agencies, after wide consultation, concluded that addressing environmental issues that matter to the poor is critical to sustained poverty reduction and achieving the Millennium Development Goals.1 They further recognised that policy options exist to reduce poverty and improve the environment, but more integrated and pro-poor approaches are needed. Intelligent development of strategies within the poverty environment sphere involves comparison of all available instruments, new as well as old, with respect to their effectiveness in yielding these desired outcomes. Four interrelated themes which all explore ways of increasing the potential of environmental resources management to contribute to poverty alleviation in South Africa are selected for closer scrutiny. The bottom-up and top-down approaches to modelling are combined in a single model used to assess the quantitative significance of various hypotheses we have on the four issues. By doing so, we hope to contribute novel elements to the literature in this field. More importantly, it is envisaged that such policy relevant scientific analysis will have large impacts achieved through being passed onto policy makers engaged in poverty alleviation and environmental management

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Project: South Africa
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Project: South Africa
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Project: South Africa

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