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Nature's Wealth: five documentaries on the PREM projects! [16 April 2007]

Many people still believe that care for the environment leads to fewer economic opportunities and lower growth. Sustainable use of natural resources and economic prosperity are typically seen as conflicting interests rather than as complementary goals. The PREM Programme recently collaborated with four renowned Dutch documentary makers to produce a series of five films in which farmers, fishermen, and forest workers in Asia and Africa explain how environmental management can be effective in reducing poverty, while improving the quality of nature at the same time.


The five documentaries are:

* Fish or Fees: Marine Protected Areas in Vietnam

* Chained to Charcoal: The Market for Forest Fuels in Tanzania

* Forest Fortune: Payments for Environmental Services in the Philippines

* Wildlife’s Worry: Human-Elephant Conflict in Sri Lanka

* Niger, a Life Line:  Effective Water Management in the Upper Niger Basin in Mali

They can be found in the project sections, or by clicking the links above.

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