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CREED Paper #31: Sustainable Shrimp Farming: Estimations of a Survival Function

Author(s)Anantha K. Duraiappah, Adis Israngkura, Sombat Sae-Hae
Serie(s)Creed Working Papers


Survival rates of farmed shrimp depend on a number of factors such as water quality, stocking densities and feed stock. Inappropriate management can induce stress, diseases and ultimately death in shrimp. This article systematically describes these relationships and develops a reduced form equation to determine shrimp survival. The reduced form shrimp survival function is estimated using data from a farm survey carried out in eight provinces in Thailand. A translog functional form provided the best fit. Preliminary results show that feed and stocking (seed) management are significant in explaining shrimp survival. The square terms of feed and stock density have negative signs as expected and are also significant. The interaction term between them is also statistically significant. It is observed that farm density and water management system have correct signs but statistical significance is weak. The results indicate that the Thai shrimp sector is presently operating at a sub-optimal levels and there is scope for improvement


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